Ronnie has used my services 5 times to buy and sell homes

Ronnie Scheppegrell

About 15 years ago I was looking to buy a home in the St Rose area. While I was looking I noticed Kim showing the house for the seller. I did not know Kim at that time but I could tell she was very professional and knowledgeable about her business. It wasn’t but about 4 years later I needed to sell my home and buy another one. Kim not only sold my home for me, she also helped find another one for me to buy. What was so good about this deal is Kim notified me that a builder was building homes in the area and she thought I might be interested in building instead of purchasing from someone else. This was the first time that I had the opportunity to build my own home. If it was not for Kim I would not have had that chance. Not only did she know her business but she knew an awful lot of people in the business.
Four later hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf coast. Kim calls me to let me know that the house I built 4 years earlier has doubled in price. This was beyond what’s expected from someone I haven’t talk to in years. But that’s the way Kim is. She’s stay on top of her business because you just never know what people are going to need. With this type of information I decided to sell my house. Now I have another problem but Kim knew another builder, so she got us together. After a couple of meetings with the builder we agreed on a price. Now all I had to do is sell my house. I think Kim sold the house in one day. I came home one day and Kim called me to let me know she sold the house. Kim got the list price.

This past July Kim sold my last house. I wanted to move closer to my son in Prairieville. I found a nice home on a pond so all I had to do is sell my house. Kim was all over this one. This house was going to be a hard sell. We got 295k and that’s about top dollar for that house. But the way Kim put it out there was amazing. My family called one Sunday morning to let me know my house was on TV. It was on the internet and if you wanted to look at it, it was out there.

I don’t know much about the real estate business but with Kim as my friend all I have to do is call her. She‘s very easy to get in touch with and that’s why I like doing business with her.